IserveU is an organisation promoting open source collaborative decision-making and e-democracy to help governments engage and involve those they serve, and demonstrate accountability and transparency in the decision making process.

Our organisation is a supporter of open source software and volunteer run.

Why Edemocracy?

Transperancy and Accountability

IserveU brings more transparency and accountability by facilitating more on-record discussion between your board or elected leaders and those they serve in the decision-making process. This provides new ideas through collaboration and more public insight into the way and rationale your organisation arrives at decisions.

Leadership Presense, Supercharged Engagement

IserveU understands the value of representatives on the inside to drive debate. Our system provides a platform for consistent discussion and participation in decision-making, while working within traditional organizational structures.


People don’t want to vote on every piece of business passing through your organization. Our system uses the principles of delegative direct democracy to allow your constituents to have a concrete say on hot-button issues, defer their votes to representatives on day-to-day business, and provide a significant advisory function to leaders even on a daily basis.